The 79th Entry
The 79th Entry Mascot

The 79th Entry Mascot

Fred's Story from 2010 to 2011
Authored on his behalf by Jerry Collier

Our Entry mascot is a small stuffed teddy bear decked out in a gin-u-wine leather WW2 flying jacket, soft helmet and flying goggles.

I don't know where Fred-bear originated, but an auction has been held at recent AGM's for the privilege of fostering Fred for the following year.

I had him in 2010/2011, and produced a little show-and-tell (not a dog-and-pony show; more like a bear-and-cretin??) story-book of his time with us.

At the 2011 AGM, Jean Williams won the auction and expressed her intention to do something similar, so it might turn into a saga.

It occurs to me that the Entry at large who didn't attend the AGM last year at Welshpool may like to follow Fred's adventures.

Fred's Story Part 1
The 79th Entry - Fred's Story
Fred's Story Part 2
The 79th Entry - Fred's Story
Fred's Story Part 3
The 79th Entry - Fred's Story

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